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Remote consultations (telephone / video / Attend Anywhere / Near Me)

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It is important that your child is present for a remote appointment so that they can take part and have a chance to be heard.

See also: Cancelling or rearranging an appointment

Telephone appointments

You will be called from either 0800 6783392 or a withheld number.  Please ensure your phone accepts 0800 numbers. 

For some specialties it is helpful to have images.  You will receive instructions on how to send these images with your appointment letter.

Video appointments (Attend Anywhere / Near Me)

You can find a find a list of video clinics with links to join on this page

Attend Anywhere is a web-based platform that helps health and social care providers offer video call access to their services as part of their ‘business as usual’, day-to-day operations.

Apart from internet access, all that you need to use Attend Anywhere are the Chrome or Safari web browsers on a computer or mobile device. Computer users will also need a web camera (usually built into laptops) so that staff can see you, and a headset or speakers so that you can hear and be heard.

Near Me is the service name developed following consultation with members of the public. Near Me services use the Attend Anywhere platform to deliver their video consulting service.

For access to the clinical waiting area, please (please use Google Chrome or Safari to enter the waiting room).

When entering the waiting area, please enter your child's name and date of birth so your clinician can identify the patient. If you are the patient, please enter your own details.

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Last reviewed: 12 January 2021

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