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My child is worried about coming to hospital

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Hospital Passport Coping Kit

If your child is worried about coming to their hospital appointment, you can ask a member of staff for a 'Hospital Passport Coping Kit' when you arrive at the hospital. This will give you and your child ways to help reduce your child’s worries and help them prepare for their visit.

This short video talks about why we developed the Hospital Passport Coping Kit and what is in it:

More information can be found about what is in the Passport and how we developed it here.


Play Specialist Service

If your child is distressed about particular tests or procedures at their appointment, you can ask for a Play Specialist to come along to support your child.

Play Specialists are trained to use play and distraction techniques to help relax children and to support them during tests and procedures.

If your child has become distressed at previous appointments, you can phone the Play Specialist department to ask for help before any future appointments. Telephone: 0141 452 4009.

Online resources


An app designed to help young people prepare for hospital and appointments. The app provides helpful relaxation and visualisation exercises​

HospiChill for Android (Google Play Store)
HospiChill for iOS (Apple Play Store)


What, Why Hospital

This site provides helpful videos and leaflets to prepare children and teenagers for what to expect when they come to hospital for an outpatient appointment, investigation or planned stay.

Having a Hospital Clinic Appointment (GOSH Information Sheets) 

These are ‘easy to read’ information sheets from Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, for young children and children with learning disabilities, which explain what happens when you come for a hospital appointment. These include information on coming along for a CT scan, a blood test or an ECG, among others.

Resource for parents of children with ASD (Parents Guide to Blood Draws)

This resource has lots of good information and strategies on how best to prepare your child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder for having a blood test carried out, but could be applied to all young children.

Other sources of support

Where a child or young person is particularly distressed and is felt to need additional psychological or psychiatric support, a member of staff can make a referral to the Paediatric Clinical Psychology or Paediatric Liaison Psychology services for assessment and advice.

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Last reviewed: 12 January 2021

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