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Sexual health

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YP Sandyford is a site for young people 13 and above. It has information on a wide range of topics around sexual health. We have included links to some specific information below but see their site for further information.

Glasgow City Youth Health Service is a confidential health and wellbeing service,  for young people aged 12-19. There are a range of venues across Glasgow and sexual health support can also be accessed here.

Sex and relationships

Brook is a sexual health and well being site for young people providing a range of information on everything you can think of related to your body, sexual health and well being.

Sexpression UK aims for a society in which young people are able to access reliable information about relationships, sex and sexuality; where youth are free from STIs, and unwanted pregnancy; and where they are empowered to make individual, informed decisions regarding their bodies and their health.

No matter who you are, or how you identify yourself abuse is never okay. Disrespect Nobody has information, guidance and help on all forms of relationship abuse (including sexting, sexual assault, rape, physical violence, domestic violence and emotional abuse).

Archway is a specialist service in Glasgow  for people (including young people) who have been raped or sexually assaulted within the last 7 days. It is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

If you are worried that you or your partner has a sexually transmitted infection (STI) contact your GP or the Young Person Clinic, Sandyford.

See Young People's Clinic Sandyford for information on their clinics and sexual health services for Under 18s.


Information on all you need to know about sexual consent is available on the Young Person Sandyford site


Advice and free contraception is available across Glasgow through the Young People's Clinic, Sandyford.

Further advice is also available via Youth Health Services across Glasgow


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