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Play in hospital

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All children need to play. It is the way that they learn about themselves and the world around them. It creates an environment that is fun. It helps children and young people gain confidence and self esteem. Anger and frustration can be reduced by providing an outlet for thein feelings. 

Play in Hospital 

It is especially important that play is provided for children on hospital as it helps reduce anxiety. Through play we can demonstrate procedures in a non-threatening way. Play used therapeutically can aid recovery and rehabilitation. Play can help children with management of their particular conditions. Play alleviates the chaos and confusion that illness, treatment and recovery can bring to the sick child. 


Teddy Bear Hospital: This provides a safe environment to help prepare children/young people for any procedures they may have to undertake.

Health Play Specialists: Any child/young person who has any anxieties, additional support needs or has had a distressing experience can make an appointment and will have support and preparation from a Health Play specialist. Contact 0141 452 4009

Play Assistants: Inpatients receive normalising and developmental play from Play assistants who are ward based.

Other opportunities for play/entertainment in RHC:

Please note: due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic some of these services may currently be closed or limited for infection control reasons

Play areas:

  • There is an outside play area to the side of the hospital
  • There is interactive play for children who are attending clinic appointments located in the Atrium

Meet our Play Team

Schiehallion Play Team  Play Team  Play Team


    Claire is a good leader and set example of this in her organisational skills, she also a good listener. Claire is enjoys       being creative outside of work.  She is confident and has the ability to solve difficult situation within the team


Jane is a team player, she can get down to the children’s level and thrives in the Teddy Hospital.  Jane is committed and will fight for the play team. Jane is hard working, funny and knowledge about her role


Aillie is creative, good with IT and has good technology skills, can solve most problems, kind and takes pride in her work.  Aillie has organisational skills and encourages staff to be positive.  Aillie is caring, thoughtfully and happy to share her knowledge


Alison is committed to her job and the patients and is a good listener. Alison has completed a British Sign language which she has shared basic within the team.  Alison is a caring person especially with the patients and often goes above and beyond her role for them.  Alison is bubbly, kind and caring


Maureen is extremely hard working and motivated, she has great organisation skills and is not afraid to get her hands dirty, she is easily approachable and very much a people person.  Maureen does not give up and is willing to keep going until the task is complete.  Maureen is strong, witty and determined


Wendy is passionate about her work and will go out her way to help others.  She is always full of new ideas and likes to share.  She is hardworking, funny and good to be around


Ann is hard working, professional and very knowledgeable.  She is approachable, kind and thoughtful.  Ann is willing to share her experience with others staff. She has lot of experience of working within the hospital


Gail is extremely hard working and motivated within the play service.  Gail is able to take a step back and observe the situation with her colleague, with a quiet decorum.  Gail is quiet, organised, efficient and unique


Lynn has enthusiasm for her role she confident and kind and good all she does. Lynn has shown staff how to be open with people, and how to build trust with work colleagues and can be a good listener.  Lynn is family orientated, fun, kind, and creative


Jackie can adapt to difficult situations, she is good at communication with the children and families.  Jackie is the mother figure to many of the play staff.  Jackie has shared her knowledge on how to help families though emotional journeys.  Jackie’s passion for each child helps cheer them up. Jackie is loveable caring but can be scatty at times


Claire is a good leader and has good knowledge of her role.  She is confident, approachable and welcoming.  Claire is happy to share her knowledge of the different wards she has worked in.  Claire is committed and passionate about her role.  Claire strives to be positive within the service and is supportive, approachable ad welcoming


Linda is a god listener and will, take time to sit and talk things through.  She is resourceful and helpful, supportive when needed.  Linda has different approaches when working with the children.  She is supportive of other staff idea, make time to review new techniques and strategies.   Linda is caring, approachable and knowledgeable


Jo is reliable, trustworthy and good at communicating.  Jo can help in difficulty situations and is willing to help other staff.  She has strength to keep going and cares very much for Scotland.  She is a good listener, friendly and hardworking


Shona is caring and energetic and great fun to be around.  Shona has shown other members of staff to be open minded and not to take life to seriously.  Shona is always enthusiastic and motivated in her role, she has a smile for everyone. Shona is caring, happy with a little crazy and passionate


Teri is able to get down to the child or young person level and understanding to make the child’s hospital visit more positive.   Teri has good organisation skills and is hard working.  Teri is passionate about her role and has extensive knowledge


Linda has good organisational skills and is happy to help others. As Linda has good organisation skills makes the job easier and enables us to be more efficient.  Linda gives up her free time on the evening and weekend to help run children; clubs and church events.  Linda is kind, creative and can play the guitar


Emma is energetic and friendly.  Emma encourages us all to enjoy our work and had a positive attitude toward her own work.  She is fun, and a little crazy


Melody has fresh up to date ideas to bring to the team.  Willing to share information sharing, ken and very conscientious.  Melody encourages us to reflect on the way we are working.  Melody loves the great outdoors, and id friendly and kind


Denise is always willing to help, she is always bubbly.  Dense is approachable, friendly and has a good sense of humour



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