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Child Protection

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The Child Protection service is a team of doctors who assess Children or Young People who may have experienced abuse or neglect.

We perform medical assessments on children and young people up to the age of 16 who have been referred by another medical professional, social work or police. We also assess and examine children who are inpatients at the Royal Hospital for Children.

If your child is coming to hospital for a Child Protection Assessment you can expect to be assessed either within our Clinical Decisions Unit or in our Clinic Area 14.

Normally we would expect to share the information from our examination with social work, police and your GP; this will be discussed further before the examination.

When attending as an outpatient for an arranged medical assessment this should take 1-2 hours, in some cases it may take longer and we may need to organise other investigations or admit your child to hospital.

If you are concerned that a child may be being abused you should contact Social Care Direct (0141 287 0555) or the police (999 or 101)
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Last reviewed: 12 January 2021

Next review: 18 February 2025