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Patient factsheet: Scottish Cardiac Audit Programme

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The Scottish Cardiac Audit Programme (SCAP) has an established group of key stakeholders to oversee the work of the audit in collaboration with the central team within the Scottish National Audit Programme (SNAP) in Public Health Scotland (PHS).

SCAP is responsible for processing and publishing national cardiology intervention data for four key areas at present, one of which is Congenital Heart Disease.

The SCAP team engage closely with the specialist clinicians to identify key performance indicators. This helps us to collect information about the care of patients so we can understand and improve on the quality of care provided and the outcomes for cardiac patients.

Patient information leaflet: Scottish Cardial Audit Programme

This leaflet explains what you need to know about the Scottish Cardiac Audit Programme (SCAP) and why it is important for the future care of patients.

It will let you know how information is collected, what personal information the audit will hold about you, and how that information is kept safe.




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Last reviewed: 20 December 2023

Next review: 20 December 2025

Author(s): Public Health Scotland

Approved By: Scottish Paediatric Cardiac Service