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A visual guide to rashes and other skin conditions in babies and children

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This information is not meant to be used for self-diagnosis or as a substitute for consultation with a health care provider. If you have any questions about your child’s rash or think that they may be unwell, consult a health care provider.

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NHS inform have more information on common skin rashes in children

The images and links below are taken with permission from DermNet NZ which has been evaluated as an evidence-based and reliable source of information by our Paediatric Dermatologists.

Hand foot and mouth  
Slapped cheek  
Headlice (nits)  
Pityriasis alba  
Uncommon infections

(please note that if your child had an MMR vaccine they are protected against measles and are very unlikely to be susceptible to infection)

Meningoccocal disease  


Viral rashes

Children can develop rashes that are a reaction to a number of different viruses. It is rarely possible to identify which virus has been responsible. These include;

Pityriasis rosea (scaly patches)  


Conditions seen in childhood where treatment may vary from in adults

Conditions seen in childhood where treatment may vary from in adults include:

Alopecia areata (patches of hair loss)  


Other common conditions seen in children
Keratosis pilaris (Rough bumpy skin on the upper arms and cheeks)  
Pityriasis alba